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Stairwell 2 The Soul of Dali

Stairwell 2 The Soul of Dalu

Limited Edition 1 of 13


Size: 20 H x 24 W x 0.1 in


Certificate of Authenticity


This image was created out of 45 single images. From the original image of a models eyes I merge a photo of the stairwell in my families summer cottage. Like most of my work it bears a metaphyiscal under tone by the placement of the bird (single eye) located at the center of your forehead. which is said to be center of your being. The lower riight hand image of a woman is my interpetation of a Dali painting i own. I converted all images to black and white line art to give the appearance of a pen and pencil drawing.


This photograph(s) was taken with a Hasselblad camera. It was shot on location or my studio. It will be printed on fine-art archival photo paper with a white border. To ensure quality the artwork is printed per order. Please allow additional time for delivery. The artwork will be shipped in a secure shipping tube.

Stairwell 2 The Soul of Dali

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