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Covetous: No Conflict Diamonds

Covetous: No Conflict Diamonds - Limited Edition of 13

Published:  Wotisart? Magazine, London 2018

                  Average Art Magazine, London 2018

                  A5 Magazine, London 2018

Size: 30 H x 24 W x 0.1 in


Certificate of Authenticity


COVETOUS was shot as an anti-campaign image boycotting the sell of Conflict Diamonds during my station as the Creative Director of The African Diamond Counsel. When the grossly underpaid, abused miners are caught with a diamond possession the Gorilla Armed Forces cut off the miners hand or foot, and if they are caught engaged in any kind of sexual behavior they are castrated. The model is one of the marines that was sent to Africa to expose and to bring to justice these Gorilla Crime organizations. The blindfold is a UK flag representing the largest diamond trade company in the world which is said to be the headquarters of Conflict Diamonds trade. The 250 ct crystal diamond used was sponsored by Waterford! These crimes are still going on. Even though diamonds are lovely they are not worth lives!


This photograph(s) was taken with a Hasselblad camera. It was shot on location or my studio. It will be printed on fine-art archival photo paper with a white border. To ensure quality the artwork is printed per order. Please allow additional time for delivery. Artwork will be shipped in a secure shipping tube.


Covetous: No Conflict Diamonds

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